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 I’m excited to share a few thoughts that will give you a better understanding of who we are as a church.  

Life began in our living room in the fall of 2006 with four adults, a dream for discipleship, and a lot of prayer. The first three years were foundational years. God used numerous circumstances to teach us about complete dependence, abiding in Christ, and spiritual formation. The second three years were formative years. God developed SAMBC into a loving community with a heart for Kingdom activity. The most recent years have been expanding years. God has allowed the ministries of SAMBC to serve the world. 

Along the way, we’ve gone from a handful of inexperienced followers to a thriving New Testament church.  Through it all, God has made one principle unmistakably clear. Everything God desires to do in and through our lives, He will accomplish out of the overflow of our relationship with Him. Christianity is not about the do’s and don’ts, rules and restrictions, or performance based religion. Christianity is about relationship!

Continue to browse the site. Listen to messages and send us your questions. If you’re in the  area we would love to see you at one of our weekend services.

Dr. Levell Bass, PH.D