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Our History


History can be defined as a record of past events. What follows is a recounting of past events, which make up the history of Sixth Avenue M.B. Church. For several months Dr. Bass prayed about organizing a Church. Dr. Bass sought guidance from the Lord. After being approved by God, encouragement from his Pastor and after other people showing interest in following; He began to organize a Church name, Constitution and Bylaws, Tax Id, Church Officers and a Place of Worship. As a result Regenerated M.B. Church was organized. 


Sixth Avenue MBC conducted their first worship service on June 4, 2006 at the Royal Arkansas Hotel conference room with approximately 30 members. All officers, church by-laws and church name were adopted by the Church. Four months later the church purchased land on the west side of Pine Bluff, AR; which was to be the location of our new facility. After conducting service a the Royal Arkansas hotel, Dr. Bass recommended to the church to relocate to American Best in on Harding St. for more space for worship. In 2007 Regenerated moved to an independent building on Dollarway Rd.


In 2008 under the pastor guidance the church moved to 1717 S. Main and after neighboring issues the church moved to 1611 Brentwood. We were conducting service at 1611 Brentwood when the Lord blessed us with a Free Facility at 1401 E. 6th Ave., in July of 2010. We have approximately 120 members and the Lord is blessing the Church daily. This is the place that the Lord has made.


Nobody can deny that God has brought us a long way. Thank you for your support and participation in the Sixth Avenue Missionary Baptist Church. While some have gone from labor to reward, we are truly blessed to be a congregation that is “Alive and Well” God Bless!!!

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